ERO Report

ERO (Education Review Office)

Makaraka's latest ERO report

The ERO team visited Makaraka School in February 2019. We achieved the highest rating - Strong, meaning ERO have every confidence in our school teaching, learning, Governance and Management. This re-affirms our outstanding teaching and learning at Makaraka School.


Most students continue to achieve at curriculum expectations in reading, writing and mathematics. Māori students achieve as well as or better than other groups. Boys’ disparity in literacy continues to be reduced. 

Nearly all children achieved at or above expectations in 2018 in the three learning areas. A large proportion of the 2018 Year 6 cohort achieved above expectation in all areas. 

Students with additional learning needs are effectively identified and well supported through responsive strategies. The special education needs coordinator has recently strengthened systems for monitoring and sharing information. 

There is a clear, schoolwide focus on promoting equitable and excellent outcomes for learners. Trustees, leaders and teachers successfully promote the school’s vision for learning, ongoing improvement and positive outcomes for learners. They work collaboratively to establish agreed priorities and deliberate actions. Improved alignment between systems, processes and practices is strengthening their approach to improvement and supporting the implementation of strategic goals. 

Well-defined priorities for learning, developed in collaboration with trustees and the community, effectively guide learning and teaching. Provision of a responsive curriculum, based on meaningful, authentic and localised experiences, results in students’ engagement and success. A clear emphasis on risk-taking, local connectedness, school values and student agency promotes students’ meaningful participation in learning. A wide range of excursions, competitions, cultural experiences, community events and celebrations are purposefully integrated into learning. 

The Full 2019 ERO Report is available below...